About Us

Established in 1963

Virginia Poultry Breeders Association is the premier poultry club for the exhibition of standard-bred poultry in Virginia.

The club aims to educate and connect breeders of all experience levels. We welcome all who share a passion for breeding poultry to the Standard of Perfection, sharing in the education of the poultry community, and a continued willingness to learn and promote quality husbandry.

Members have developed lifelong friendships that go back generations. The love for breeding top-quality poultry and participating in exhibitions continues to grow.

Virginia Poultry Breeders Association hosts a single day double-card poultry show each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It includes an open and junior show sanctioned by the American Poultry Association, and American Bantam Association, as well as many other breed-specific clubs. Meets included can be anything from National to Regional, to District, to State, to Special. While it is always encouraged, membership is not required to participate.

Virginia Poultry Breeders Association offers a yearly membership. The membership fees help the club with basic operational costs, show expenses, and minor administration fees. Members have to be passionate about the cause but by no means are required to own poultry whatsoever.

We appreciate your continued support!